Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Last updated: June 07, 2022

All our services are offered OFFLINE at our hospital premises at the address mentioned below.

There are no goods for sale online on this website.

Since we are healthcare providers, the costs incurred for treatment will include the following categories:

  • Daily bed occupancy charges (depending on class of bed)
  • Operation theatre or labour room charges (if used.
  • Doctors visit charges. These are for the daily visits by one or more doctors that are required for your optimal continuing medical care and the treatment plan advised on a day to day basis.
  • Usage of the various equipment, instruments and consumables which might include and not restricted to medicines, antibiotics, oxygen, anesthetic drugs and gases, electrosurgical equipment, monitoring apparatus and operating theatre consumables as required on case to case basis.

All charges are transparent and explained to the patient before or at the time of admission.

For any clarifications, contact your treating doctor.